It's our final 2022 Olympic cooking day!! Phew. We made it all 17 days. Thanks for joining in our adventures.

Today’s country was Serbia. I made Prebranac and Vanilice cookies.

Prebranac is basically Serbian baked beans and I was a bit disappointed with the flavor and texture. I soaked the beans overnight, boiled them for an hour, and then baked them for 45 minutes, as instructed, but they turned out somewhat crunchy. I think they probably baked too long. Flavor wise, I thought they would have more spice to them, but really they just tasted like beans. No real burst of flavor or spice to speak of. None of us were impressed.

The Vanilice are similar to the Austrian Linzer cookies. The cookies themselves aren’t as sweet and we filled these with apricot preserves (and a few with raspberry jam). The recipe I used was found on the Serbian tourism site, but when I clicked the link contained in the recipe, it took me to a very different recipe for Vanilice… hmm. Well, I followed the original one I found since that’s what I had shopped for. I halved the recipe and we still had a huge amount of cookies. I also made homemade vanilla sugar since I couldn’t find any in the stores and it is pretty easy. These were tasty. Not as sweet as the Linzer cookies, but just as good. It was hard to get them coated in vanilla sugar after they were cooked, whereas the linzer cookies baked with the almond sugar on them. Prebranac Recipe -> Vanilice Recipe -> Then scroll down to #6 about halfway.
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