Someone asked me the other day how long we had been doing the Olympic Cooking thing. We started in 2008 and did crafts and other educational things in addition to cooking. As the kids grew, time to do anything other than cooking got away from us and we transitioned to mostly culinary adventures. At the end of the 2022 Winter Olympics, we have sampled the cuisine of 60 different countries over 94 meals (obviously we have repeated some countries, but not recipes) with adaptations made for dairy-sensitivity for several years and through the struggle of an eating disorder. We have learned more about what flavors we like and what we don't. It’s a load of planning, researching recipes, shopping, plus the time of cooking. Every country we do is/was a participant of the Olympiad when we cooked it. You can search for the labels Olympics and cooking in the sidebar to go to any of the pages. Curious about which countries we have explored, you can check out the google map (layered with each Olympic games as a different color) by clicking below.

Through it all, I still do not like to cook, but I am grateful for my family who taste it all and help me, even when things don't come out as they should. I'm a little sad because this may well be the last Olympic Cooking adventure, since my oldest two will be in college during the next games and my pickiest eater will be the only one still home.

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