Originally we were going to make the Danish Braid tonight so it would be ready for breakfast tomorrow, but it smelled so good, we decided to have some tonight and then again tomorrow for breakfast! We will have our dessert we made for today tomorrow instead.

These were fun to make, but the recipe was very confusing when we got to the step on how to make the braid. We attempted one following the directions. Then we googled how other pastry chefs do it and made two that way. Then K decided she wanted to try something slightly different than the original recipe, but still a regular braid. So we have quite a variety of styles. Can you tell which is which?!

If you make this, I would suggest watching Anna Olson's demo on YouTube, starting at about 1:50 before you try executing the braid portion.
This was very similar to the Poteca Nut Roll we made earlier, but the Danish Braid was sweeter and easier to make. The dough was nice and flaky and the filling was nice and sweet. We all enjoyed this! Also, if you are keeping score, we have now used more than 10 lbs of flour during the last 15 days.  

Recipe here -> https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/flaky-danish-braids/ 

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