Olympic Cooking Day 12 - Trinidad Doubles served with Cucumber and Bandhania Chutney and Mango Colatas.

I specifically planned Trinidad’s meal for today because K had her World Music concert tonight and played double steel pans.

This was good. The bread was delicious and the channa was tasty without too much spice and quite filling. It's also vegetarian, so we will be making this again when our vegetarian is home from college. Even the picky eater said she liked this, although she said she wouldn’t pick it over Mac & cheese.
This did take a bit of prep work, but if you plan ahead, it was easy to put together, although I could not fry the dough in a ball shape to save my life. For the mango colata, I used coconut milk, frozen mango, and pineapple juice. No recipe, just blended it together for a fresh flavor. Trinidad Doubles recipe here -> https://cookingwithria.com/2018/12/how-to-make-trinidad-doubles-detailed-recipe-instructions.html
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