Again, I had grand plans in my head for this weeks assignment:  Mornings.  Unfortunately, as with many of my ideas, it didn't come to fruition.  We had seven very non routine mornings this week and darned if I didn't remember to take the pictures I wanted when the small moments arose.  Ah well.

So, here's a quick glimpse into our morning.

Cereal for the kiddos for breakfast.  Yep, it's got too much sugar and artificial sweeteners but they will eat it and can serve it for themselves!

A peanut butter and honey sandwich for Bug.  I'm including this one because I love the different textures in the picture.

Making lunches is definitely a part of our school morning routine.  Woo-hoo, right?! 

Lastly, every morning on the walk to and from her sisters' school, Ebabe picks me a bouquet of flowers.

What are some parts of your morning routine?

Check out other morning photos at I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture Challenge.
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3 Responses
  1. so cute! our morning routine definitely includes coffee for me & blueberries for my little guy.

  2. Jess Says:

    Oh, those perfect yellow flowers that grow for only one purpose, to be presented to Mom! Mornings are the last time I think of grabbing my camera too, but I'm glad You Capture forced me to at least once this week.

  3. C.G. Koens Says:

    Love the bunch of flowers - I'm sure I gave my own mom her share of those (and she loved them all)! :-)

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