Last week we had a chance to head downtown to Navy Pier to see the visiting tall ships at Tall Ships Chicago 2010.  I had invited my parents a while back since my dad is an avid ship fan.  It was a great day for it! 

Various tall ship masts and the clear, blue sky.

Boo walking with grandpa down the pier, enjoying the views.

This is the Lynx out in Chicago Harbor.  No that is not Nessie trailing behind her.

Tall ship Roseway out by the Chicago Harbor Light.

The girls out by the anchor at the end of Navy Pier.

The Bounty, the ship used most recently for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  My parents fondly remembered visiting the Bounty in the early 1970s in Florida. 

Looking up from the galley to the deck.

Having fun on the deck of the Bounty.

After a nice dinner at Capi's Italian Kitchen, we headed back to the lot where we parked and discovered this giant piece of macaroni & cheese art.  How could we not stop and get a photo?!

And this delightful piece of architecture is part of a set for the film Transformers 3 which has been filming in Chicago for a few months now.  This was directly across from the lot where we parked and when I saw it in the daylight, I just assumed it was some grand old building that had been recently torn down.  I wanted to get some shots of the architectural detail so stopped to take some pictures on the way back and realized that this is in fact made out of wood and foam.  It was a relief to know that a beautiful building hadn't been destroyed and kind of fun to have seen a piece of movie history.
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