Our outside time this week has mostly been spent doing yard work and heading back to school!!!!!  What a great week for the You Capture Challenge to be outside shots.

The first two shots are of the girls ready for their meet and greet time.  We brought potted plants with pots adorned with school supplies!

Here's Boo in her first day of school outfit that I managed to finish on Saturday!  I'm not sure I like the skirt too much but she was thrilled with the whole outfit.  (For those interested, I used free tutorials from Sew, Momma ,Sew.  For the shirt I used this tutorial and for the skirt, this one.)

 Here's Boo's first day dress, made out of a man's dress shirt.

On the walk to school, Bug asked me to take a picture of their shadows.  I really liked this idea and think I will try to take one every year to see how they've grown!

Here's a shot of the girls at the end of the first day running to see daddy and tell him about school.

Now that her sisters are in school again, Ebabe is back in collection mode.  Here's her find on the first day of school.

 On the second day, she collected a large flower bouquet!

 And finally, on our walk home from school the other day, we noticed a tree that had a lot of personality.  Here's a shot of our new deciduous friend!

Can you see the face there?  Two eyes and a green mustache...

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3 Responses
  1. tyofa Says:

    I love the shadow picture. So hard to believe it's time for school again. The kids up here don't go back until September 7 but even that is fast approaching.

  2. C.G. Koens Says:

    The tree is very cool and I'm impressed with your sewing skills! Also love the shadow picture.

  3. Stacia Says:

    That shadow picture and the one of the girls running to their daddy are just so sweet. Wonderful moments to capture!

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