When I saw that the You Capture challenge for the week was in the kitchen, I cringed.  I don't particularly like to cook and my kitchen is almost always a disaster.  We have very little counter space and what we do have is usually littered with the girls' drawings, mail, recycling, fruit, veggies and other random items that have no good place to go.  So after much trepidation, I decided I'd show you a few of our garden/farm fresh counter toppings.

The cherry & grape tomatoes are from our garden, the larger tomatoes are from the next door neighbor's garden.  The cucumber is from one of my good friend's gardens.  The peppers, corn & potatoes are from the local farm stand.  We love fresh produce!

Now, I will admit none of the fruit is from our garden but much of it is from the local farm stand.  I wish we had a local berry picking place but the nearest one is over an hour drive. 

This is the burner on our stove... a bit messy but still a pretty ring of fire!

And finally, water running in our sink. 

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8 Responses
  1. I have tomatoes too, love the water pic the last one.

  2. C.G. Koens Says:

    I love the water photo, and the gas burner. If it makes you feel any better, your stove is spotless next to what mine looks like right now! Aahh!! :-)

  3. Brooke Says:

    These shots ROCK!!!!
    Well done.
    Is your blog going wonky - it looks a little strange - or is it my pc???

  4. Bec Says:

    That's a lot of fresh produce! So cool that you grow some of it yourself.

  5. Muriel Says:

    Fruit looks delicious, cool water picture! Great shots!

  6. LOVE the water picture! Thanks for the comment on my blog { www.jesslynamber.blogspot.com } Adding more color to your kitchen will make an awesome project! You should do it. :)

  7. I like the veggies photo. The water one is cool too. So is the fire. Ok, I like them all!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, I love visitors and comments...plus my kitchen.

    I love how you captured your kitchen and all that produce, such color!

    Mine gets messy too!

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