I mentioned that we were doing a different kind of sun print in my recent post about sun printing.  So, here's what we did.  We simply used construction paper and put various interestingly shaped items on them and set them in the sun for a few hours.

Here's what happened.

I had to bring them in because it was getting a bit too windy outside and the items were blowing off.  The yellow paper worked the fastest but then didn't get any lighter over time.  The red paper took the longest but ended up being the boldest change (I'm not sure it comes through as vividly in the photo).

All in all, a fun, easy and pretty cool experiment.  The girls are talking about doing it with some smaller varieties of shapes to make stationary.
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  1. Kristen Says:

    Thanks for the pregnancy book suggestions! I'm the first of my friends to have a baby and so it's hard to get good advice. :-)

    I used to do sunprints when I was a kid, so fun!

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