I priced some costumes on ebay that would fit into our family theme of Peter Pan. I couldn't believe how expensive some of them are. I bid on a few but didn't win so I decided to create my own. I bought 1 yard of green felt off the bolt at JoAnn. I used one of my tshirts to judge sizing and trimmed the fabric to the length and width I needed. I stitched the sides and shoulders and trimmed the arms and bottom with shears.

I used the leftover material to create my hat but wrapping the material around my head to judge size. I then cut it in the shape of a slight triangle and stitched up the side. Once right side out, I folded up the lower edge and added the feather I had grabbed Hobby Lobby.

I decided I should have something on my belt and after finding it on Make It and Love It, using extra material I had, created the dagger.
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