We hope you have a very happy Halloween!

The Peter Pan crew

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan
(Tink's dress was a gift given to Boo a few years ago. It never fit her so we saved it for Ebabe to use. You can read about my costume here!)

Captain Hook's assistant Captain Fancypants
(Everything except the boots that she is wearing came from various garage sales over the summer. It was a fun scavenger hunt for the various pirate costume pieces)
(After searching for about a month, I got her dress at a local Salvation Army store and added the contrasting ribbon to the pre-existing sash. I made the hairbow with the same ribbon.)

Tick-tock Crocodile (and a tired Tink)
(I ordered the hat on ebay and the green shirt at Goodwill. What you can't see is that in his pocket Chip had an mp3 player that played a ticking sound, just like the croc in Peter Pan.)

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