I enjoy decorating for the holidays but I don't like spending ridiculous amounts of money for silly decor that seems to break within a few days. That being said, I have a ridiculous amount of craft stuff around my house so I didn't have to purchase anything for this activity!

To make a jar-o-lantern, you will need:
a jar (I used canning jars, a jelly jar and a peanut butter jar)
tissue paper or festive napkins
modge-podge (or some other decoupage material)
a strand of white lights (I used a 50 light count)
a hack saw

Make sure you clean your jars very well. There should be no residue on them when you begin the project.

For the Boo's mummy jar, she tore long strips of white tissue paper and used gray chalk to darken the edges. She coated the jar with a layer of modge-podge and wrapped the tissue paper around the jar multiple times to give her mummy the layered effect. She used black paper to make the eyes.

For Bug's Green Monster jar, she tore medium pieces of tissue paper for the green part. She probably put the tissue on about 4 or 5 layers thick - it made it darker and less likely to light up. She created the face of the monster with various colors of tissue. The purple monster was created in the same manner.

Ebabe tore the orange tissue into whatever sized pieces she wanted (she's only 2!) and with my help glued them on the jar with modge-podge. I cut out the face and she arranged it how she wanted.

The bat eye jar was made using one Halloween themed beverage napkin, trimmed to fit the jar. It was difficult to get it to lay evenly but I think the wrinkles help it look more sinister!

Each jar was given a final coat of modge-podge to ensure that everything was stuck on well!

Then Chip used his hacksaw to cut away small areas of the lids so that the light strand could feed through without the lights showing. I lost the lid for the jack-o-lantern jar so just use your imagination!

I plan on putting these outside along with our jack-o-lanterns on Halloween to add to the festiveness of the porch.
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  1. Grammasaurus Says:

    These are GREAT!!! Enjoyed seeing them inside when we were there. I can only imagine what they would add to your outdoor decor! I'm so proud of you & Larry, honey, for encouraging the girls to be so creative in so many ways!

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