Growing up I did my fair share of tye-dying in Girl Scouts, but always in small circles... never multiple colors and big swirls. A few weeks ago, my friend Jenni made up a bunch of shirts for our children for a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. That same week, there were left over supplies for tye dying at Kid's Club. I took some home and we decided to create some wearable art!
If you have never done this style shirt before, I suggest buying a kit at your local craft store. We soaked our shirts and bottoms in soda ash water for 20 minutes before we began creating our design to help absorbtion of the dye. Apparently soda ash is very difficult to find on its own so a kit might be your best bet.

First we made 4th of July shirts. Bug and Boo each did their own and I did a shirt and a pair of shorts for Ebabe.
Then we made rainbow designs for 3 more tank tops, a pair of shorts for Bug and a skort for Boo. Somehow the way we wrapped the skort, there is a large almost white area on one leg. It's very interesting. I don't think Boo added enough colored dye to her bundle to penetrate the entire cloth.

Boo's outfit is on the left, Ebabe's shirt in the middle and Bug's outfit on the right.
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