I don't know about you, but my children are a pain in the butt on every shopping trip I take. We have to eat, so unfortunately, I have to take them to the grocery store about once a week. After multiple tantrums, my children running in opposite directions around the store and 2 hour marathon shopping trips, I decided something must be done. My mom talked me out of selling the children (just kidding - sort of!) and I decided it was just too expensive to get a babysitter every time I want groceries or supplies. After much brainstorming, I decided to make a trial run at a Bingo game the kids could play while I am shopping. We tried it out at Target. They were super excited. Every time they found an item on their card, they got to cover it with a sticker. Each one had a different card (all the same items in different spots).

Here is what one of the cards looked like.
I just downloaded photos of various things I knew they would see around the store and pasted them into an Excel spreadsheet. The free spot was the Target logo. Yes, this is consumerism at it's best but hey, it kept the kids occupied and allowed me to get my shopping done without too much fuss. Here's the completed card. I printed the copies in black and white to save some money and used random Easter egg stickers we've had in the drawer for years. We'll probably try it again at the grocery store. Maybe I'll have them make the bingo cards using the ads in the paper. Hmmm...
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  1. Kristi Says:

    That is awesome! I can relate to children being a pain on shopping trips. I only take them when I need a few things. And even then... Thank goodness they have free doughnut holes at Busch's. :)

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