Just wanted to post some pictures from our trip to the Riverwalk in Naperville this weekend. It was a terrific day to go and the kids were quite photogenic.

Here's the motley crew in front of the Dandelion Fountain - Little Boy Blue, Boo, Smiles, Bubba and Ebabe. Bug was too busy throwing a tantrum to participate in this photo!

Landforms sculpture, located just off of Jackson and Eagle Streets.

Ebabe watching the ducks on the river below. This was taken on one of the covered footbridges across the DuPage River.

Lilies in bloom.

Bug spent much time looking up at the sky and then contemplating about a leaf she'd found.
Meanwhile, Ebabe decided to try her hand at climbing trees...

Boo and her cousin Bubba taking a quick rest.

A pine cone - tranquil serenity.

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