So, after realizing that this is the longest I have not been pregnant in 9 years, I have been a little bit sad. Not sad enough to really contemplate having another one (well, not REALLY) but still nostalgic. As Ebabe grows, we have given away or sold many of our infant toys, the swing, the exersaucers, the tiny cute little shoes, the double stroller... Now, after a week at Kid's Club (VBS at our church) with a wonderful nursery worker & friend, she is day time potty trained and I realize that in a short time we will not have a little potty in every bathroom. AND, she's 2 1/2, still in her crib and is probably more than ready for a big kid bed. *SIGH*

What brought on this post? These shoes!
We had my SIL and her 3 children over for a long weekend. At a garage sale on Friday, I found a pair of crocs in the next size Ebabe would need and brought them home thinking I'd feed her shoe fetish and that they'd fit her soon. Well, they fit her NOW. After a year of almost constant wear (she refused to wear any other shoes or boots for about 6 months!), we passed Ebabe's pink croc knock-offs to her younger cousin. For some reason that makes me a bit sad! Atleast they are going to Smiles who has as much of a shoe fetish as Ebabe!
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  1. Mommasaurus Says:

    Awwwww! Seriously, I can relate ... after only two little ones. Now, reading this, I'm feeling a bit sad myself. Guess I'll have a few more years to wait for the ggrands!

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