"Mom... I want a rainbow cake for my birthday."

That was the statement made last week by Bug. Fortunately for me, I'd just stumbled across a blog entry about rainbow cake, albeit one for dieters. I did not follow the directions there but did get inspired to create my own. Soooo easy!

You need:
box of cake mix
ingredients listed on box of cake mix (eggs, water, oil, etc.)
food color gels in which ever colors you'd like in your cake (I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet)

Prepare the cake batter according to the directions on the box. Divide the batter into several bowls - the number will depend on the amount of colors you would like to use. I divided it into 6 bowls. Add a tiny bit of colored gel to each bowl. It won't take much to get some vivid colors! Stir in the color.

Pour 1/2 of the batter into each pan. Using my colors as an example, pour 1/2 of the red batter in one pan and 1/2 of the purple into the other.
Next pour 1/2 the orange batter in the 1st pan and 1/2 the blue into the other. Follow the same pattern with the other colors. Pan #1 will be the reverse of pan #2.
Bake cake according to the package directions. Allow to cool completely. Trim top of one cake and frost lightly. Add 2nd layer. Frost. I used all white frosting intending to let the rainbow inside be the focus.
After remembering that it was a cake for a child, I decided to decorate the outside with a bit of color sprinkles.
Bug was pleased with the rainbow on the outside and very very very excited by the rainbow on the inside...

This was a very fun cake to eat, although Ebabe managed to get pieces all over her pants. I think the color in the crumbs may stain a bit. We'll see.
The dark green blob is a bit of gel that apparently didn't get mixed in fully.

Even the crumbs on the plate seemed artistic!

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  1. Mommasaurus Says:

    Looks great, babe! I have to say I've never seen anything like it, and I can understand how pleased Bug would be! I would be, too!!
    Wouldn't it be an interesting taste if each color had its own flavor??! I'D be GLAD to try it out for you if you decide to make an attempt at it sometime! ;>)

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