Our group of friends has an informal tradition of doing silly pranks from time to time. We've filled a car with helium balloons and put forks with peeps on them in someone else's yard. Our house was egged last year at Easter - plastic eggs all over the yard!

While reading some of the blogs I frequent, I came across the heart attack idea on Kids Activity Idea Box I knew it was the perfect family thing to do on Valentine's Day!
I called up my friend J and together we worked out a rough plan. We got the families together (6 kids in all!) to cut hearts, make signs and string the cut out hearts onto yarn to make streamers.

J had the great idea to create a heart garland out of a pink plastic table cloth she had in her basement taking up space.

After taking a break for a nice heart shaped pizza dinner from Papa Johns, we headed out to decorate 2 friends' homes. It was quite dark (after the kids bedtimes - oops!) but the kids wrote "you've had a heart attack" and drew hearts on the driveways with chalk while two adults hung the hearts, garland and streamers. It turned out a bit hodge-podgy - remember it was really dark - but I think our friends will enjoy the sentiment when they discover their new decorations!
Here's house #1 - front door...

and garage...

and house #2 - front door...

and the garage!

(updated to add: Thanks Greg for the pictures of your house! Apparently Boo wrote, "You've had a heart attack! Are you feeling ok?" on the driveway at house #2. Funny!)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    VERY cute! ....now awaiting the outcome ...

    Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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