During a weekend trip to Michigan last week, I stopped at Crane's Orchard in Fennville, MI and got a bunch of apples and some peaches. Knowing that the peaches wouldn't last too long, I decided to make some peach roll-ups.

I used 7 peaches (approximately 4 cups, chopped), about 2 TBSP of honey and 2 TBSP of apple juice.

Puree all together,
pour onto dehydrator sheets (covered with plastic wrap). I used 5 trays. Turn on dehydrator for 14 hours, rotating trays every few hours. When rotating, check to see if the roll-ups are done. They are done if you no longer see or feel liquid on the surface.

This yielded 11 good-sized delicious peach roll-ups.
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  1. Sara Says:

    I thought I left a comment on here awhile ago, but it didn't stick! This is convincing me that as soon as I have a bigger place with more storage, I need to get a dehydrator. I had a bunch of peaches and didn't get around to freezing them as I'd planned. :(

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