Have you ever had an obsession? A time in your life when you are so focused on one thing that all you want to do is collect things, try things on, speak the word. Well Ebabe is completely obsessed with shoes! I suppose that it is common for a child almost 2 but neither of my other two have carried it on this much. Ebabe has to try on everyone's shoes. If not wearing someone else's shoes, she must have her shoes on her feet in the pool, when she's having her diaper changed, when she takes a nap. She is constantly bringing us a pair of shoes and trying to put them on our feet. Shoes or "zues" in Ebabe speak, has become the most frequently used word in her ever expanding vocabulary.

The other day a man from the replacement window company was here measuring our windows and giving us the company spiel. He'd been here about 1 1/2 hours when Ebabe discovered his shoes by the front door. She immediately tried them on and then brought them over to him and dropped them on the floor in front of him. He laughed and said he could take a hint!

Anyone else had a similar situation? Just curious how long this will last. We're going on 4 months so far!

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