So, after having bought the stain almost a year ago, we finally got around to getting the fence restained. Chip spent about a week power washing and spray staining. The only part that isn't finished is the new fence around the garden area. It still needs to dry out before it can be stained. Oh, and the swing set is going to need a new coat as well but since a few warped boards need to be replaced, we'll probably restain it in the spring.


After Power Washing:

New Stain:

Chip spent today scrapping paint from around the windows. We are getting new windows in a couple of weeks but some of the wood needed to be replaced first. Chip wants to get that wood painted and repaint the other wood on the house before the windows are installed.

I spent the afternoon trimming trees (we have two growing in the same place, twined around each other), looking at the renegade pumpkin plant in our compost pile....
...and finding rabbit skulls in the shrubs.
Yes, that is a rabbit skull. At first we thought it might be some kind of hawk but after flipping it over, we noticed that there were teeth.
There are no other skeletal remains in the location so my guess would be that a bird brought it over to eat, after finishing up the main course.

So, there you have it. Fun times around our household!
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