Here are the last of the pre-shirred dresses. There are 3 mostly matching Tinkerbell tops/dresses. Can you tell we are planning a trip to visit the mouse? Each girl has a different strap to differentiate them. Boo's has ribbon ties, Bug's has fabric spaghetti straps, and Ebabe has sewn ribbon straps. I'm telling you, the hardest part of this project was those silly spaghetti straps. It took me forever to get the straps turned right-side-out. In fact, even using a seam ripper, an unsharpened pencil and a safety pin, I still struggled with one of them. I'd been working on trying to do it for about 5 hours and was only 1/2 way. Chip took it and 3 minutes later it was done!

Anyway, Boo will have to wear hers as a shirt. Bug will have to as well if she gets any taller! Ebabe has plenty of room to grow. Sorry Eb's photo is a big blurry but I'm not going to try to wrestle her again to get it on and take another picture!

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  1. CanCan Says:

    Wow! They look so adorable in their matchy matchy dresses! You have some talent, girl!

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