With three children, we have our fair share of boo-boos and scrapes. Somehow an ice pack always makes the hurt feel a little better. Bug accidentally walked into her door frame tonight, just as she was getting ready for bed. She had a nice little bump on her head almost immediately - but no consussion, thankfully! I sent her to get an ice pack from the freezer and instead of the teddy bear shaped one or any of the other "fun" ice packs that are meant for kids, she came back upstairs with one of the plastic pouch ice packs that you can't put right on your skin. She was very adamant that she was going to use this pack and I quickly realized that she was not going to keep a towel wrapped around it. I eventually put it in a sock and that seemed to work.

After getting her to bed, I started to work on another project, making a skirt out of an old pair of jeans (more on that later). I had two scraps of "leg" left and decided that I would make a simple pouch/pocket in which to put ice packs. It took about 5 minutes and the kids love it.

Here's what I did
First I cut off the seams on the side of the leftover leg.
For this project, I had the leg of the jeans from the worn out knee to the ankle. I trimmed the leg to the length of the pouch I wanted.

I chose to use the bottom of the jeans as the top of my pocket for a bit of style. Next I pinned the two leg pieces together and ran a simple stitch along the sides and bottom.

Carefully clip the bottom corners of the pouch with a diagonal cut. This will help the corners lay better when it is finished.

Turn the pouch right-side-out and you're all set! Now you have a great little ice pouch!

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  1. Sara Says:

    Love this idea. Would have come in handy with the wisdom teeth!

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