Powitanie przyjaciele! (Greetings friends!)

Poland was our country of the day. We listened to the national anthem of Poland, found Poland on the map, learned that the capital city is Warsaw & the language is Polish, colored the flag picture, counted from 1 to 10 in Polish, talked about & tried our hand at Wycinanki (vy-chee-nan-kee) paper cutting, and read a few legends from Poland.

Here is Boo's Wycinanki work

Here is Bug's Wycinanki work

For dinner we had Polish Kielbasa & potatoes. It was delicious. We certainly aren't strangers to either of those things but mixed together with some green peppers and garlic... very tasty!
Kids verdict: Loved the kielbasa and the potatoes, not loving the green peppers but eating a few of them anyway.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    Very nice. Looks very authentic. I'm glad the kids enjoyed their taste of Poland.

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