Goede dag! (Good day)

We did not have a lot of time to learn about the Netherlands today as we generally spend most of Sunday morning at church. Today was no exception. We did learn Dutch is the national language, how to count from 1 to 10 in Dutch, Amsterdam is the capital city and The Hague is the center of government. We listened to the national anthem of the Netherlands and located the Netherlands on the map.

When we colored the flag, we noticed that it is similar to the French flag - one red, white & blue stripe - just going in opposite directions. At bedtime we read about the life of a child in the Netherlands.

For craft time today, the girls colored a picture of tulips. Boo's is on the left and Bug's on the right.

For dinner we had Runderlapjes or seasoned steaks. The recipe came from The Dutch Market. I didn't cook the steaks quite as long as the recipe stated (2 hours) and they came out just fine. Served over mashed potatoes with homemade beef gravy. (It's not the most appetizing photo but it's better than it looks!)

Dessert was Dutch Almond Boterkoek (recipe is here). Boo helped make this and it was tasty but a bit too dry for my taste.

Kids verdict: Loved the gravy and mashed potatoes. Boo liked the steak with gravy & Bug ate it without ketchup!!! Chip found the gravy a little too tangy for his taste. I thought it was good but in moderation. The kids loved the butter cake - very sweet and crumbly.
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