Tonight, after looking at our evenings for the next few days, I had to pivot a bit, so our Olympic country ended up being Belarus, which was originally scheduled to be tomorrow. Ah well.

We had Draniki, which are potato pancakes, served with applesauce. I added some shredded ham (which was suggested on a different draniki recipe) into the mix for some protein prior to frying.

These were very tasty (K said it tasted just like breakfast), but it drove home the point that I am just not good at frying things in oil. I ended up burning my finger with oil splatter, and many of the draniki didn't hold together very well. I later realized this was potentially because I forgot to add in the corn starch to the recipe... whoops. However, I amazingly did NOT set off the smoke detectors today! Hooray! Here's what the mix looked like prior to frying, just so you can see to compare, if you make this.

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