While watching television today, a fun little business card was placed in front of me and a live commercial for the Spectacular Salon and Spa occurred.

We were immediately prompted to schedule an appointment time.  We chose an 11 o'clock time slot and arrived a few minutes early.

We were asked to wait in the hall until our exact appointment time.   When we walked in, we were greeted by the lovely staff and informed that we had a couples massage and spa day arranged for us. 

Here are the facilities.

The stuffed animal back massage table.

The spa services area (for couples)
Our unique spa experience included a polka-dot rub, a lotion application, a marble massage, a silly bandz massage, "silk screening" on our legs and arms, brushing our hair, putting in a headband, a check of our reflexes, a pinching butt massage and, to complete the full service package, a free teeth counting (I have 8 teeth)!  The appointment was completed by serving us some ice cream and sandwiches.  Wow.  All that for the wonderful price of FREE.   Just pretend that you don't hear the manager mention that she has never been trained in massage or make up application.

 If you are ever in our area and are looking for a completely unique spa experience, you may want to drop by our second story (apparently located at 1897 Waterton St. - a completely made up address) and try the Spectacular Salon and Spa.  You'll never experience anything like it ever again!
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2 Responses
  1. Sara Says:

    Super cute. Your girls know how to treat their parents right!

  2. Kristi Says:

    This is ADORABLE! Right down to the butt pinching. :)

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