Sweet.  As the holidays approach, it seems that sugar fairies are everywhere, leaving frosting smears and sprinkles in random, hard to clean locations.  Bug managed to cover every last part of the top of her cookie with frosting and sprinkles during the cookie decorating portion of our Christmas "Advent"ure.

On a different sugar-high note, Boo attends a monthly event for 4th and 5th graders at our church called YUC (Youth Under Construction).  This past week was their Christmas celebration and they got to create a gingerbread house to bring home.

It lasted about 30 minutes at home before pieces just fell right off into her mouth!  Amazing!  Now, less than a week later, all that remains are the crumbled ruins of a delicious treat.

Continuing on our sweet theme, our church staff Christmas luncheon is next week and I volunteered to make some centerpieces for the tables.  I coerced... volun-told... asked my friend Jenni to help me make up some candy bouquets.  Here are two of our creations.

Jenni made this Twizzler bouquet in about 3 minutes.  Really cute, right?!

This one took a bit longer but has at least 9 different kinds of candy in it.  

So we had plenty of sweetness in my house this week.  (If only it would have rubbed off on my children...)  My sweet tooth is starting to ache already but if you are a glutton for punishment, stop by I Should Be Folding Laundry and check out other You Capture - Sweet moments.
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