There were two themes for this week's You Capture - Halloween and Silence.  Since silence is just not in the vocabulary of my household, you're going to get an overdose of Halloween.

We usually have a family theme but this year, everyone decided to go with their own ideas.  From youngest to oldest...

Here's Strawberry Shortcake.  Yes.  She has wings.  We were at the dollar store the day before and she found some pretty cool wings that were "perfect" for her costume.  Why not?!  So she became the Strawberry Shortcake fairy.

This was taken during the preschool costume parade.  She's wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake since last Spring.  We managed to put together the costume using our existing wardrobe of hand-me-downs and a borrowed hat.

Sitting with her jack-o-lantern.

Ebabe's jack-o-lantern all lit up.  She drew the face by herself and helped me cut it out, although she wasn't overly fond of getting her hands too gooey at first.

Bug decided in the Spring that she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story.  About a month ago, when I was getting ready for a Children's clothing resale, she picked up the costume her sister had worn a few years ago and decided she just had to be a dragonfly.

Here's the back of the costume.  Much nicer than my attempt at face painting...

Here she is.  A dragonfly in flight!

Here's Bug's jack-o-lantern.  She designed it and cut most of it herself this year.

 Boo has just finished reading the Harry Potter series.  She and her friends play Harry Potter at recess.  It was only natural that she would want to be Hermione Granger, a character from Harry Potter for Halloween.

We were lucky enough to borrow the robe and scarf from some friends and pieced the rest of the outfit together from Goodwill purchases and broken tree limbs.


 Of course her jack-o-lantern had to be Harry Potter themed as well.  I mean, it isn't as if the 7th movie is coming out in a little under 14 days or anything...  Chip did most of the work but Boo did help a little bit.

This is my pumpkin.  I made it using Chip's drill.  It was very therapeutic drilling multiple holes into the pumpkin.  I would totally recommend trying it!  It turned out pretty fun too, in a disco-ball sort of way.

And finally, we get together every Halloween (just for a few minutes) with some close friends of ours.  This year, they headed over to trick-or-treat at our house and I managed to capture their costumes and personalities all together... not an easy feat!

I hope you had an enjoyable Halloween!  To check out other Halloween shots and maybe some silence, check out I Should Be Folding Laundry.
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