I had such high hopes for this week's assignment.  I knew we would be camping with friends (4 other families) in the heart of Illinois and envisioned getting pictures of trains, churches, tents, cooking over the campfire.  For various reasons (injuries, weather, herding a lot of children, relaxing, etc), that just didn't happen.  So, based on the photos I was able to take, here's what America means to me.

Passing on traditions - like learning how to fish.

Learning to appreciate the gifts of nature (via paddle boat!)

Remembering what it is like to be truly childlike and revel in the wonders of EVERYTHING
- including a cone of ice cream.

Enjoying time away from suburban craziness and appreciating the small town hospitality.  To me, this was like remembering my roots as the place I deem my hometown was a very small town in Michigan.  Watching the Independence Day parade in Shabbona, IL was very reminiscent of homecoming parades in Goodrich.  I miss knowing all my neighbors and the safe feeling you have when you know that your neighbors have your back! 

Good times with great friends... sitting around the campfire just chatting and appreciating the adult company.

Remembering why we celebrate the 4th of July and never forgetting the sacrifices, both past and present, that allow for such a fun celebration and the wonderful freedoms we have!

One picture I took this week really reminds me that we don't always take the best care of the gifts God has given us here in America (and probably all around the world).  While fishing, one of the 14 children we were camping with asked me why people couldn't just take a few extra minutes and throw their trash in the trash cans instead of in the water so that nature could continue to be beautiful.  Out of the mouths of babes.

For more on what our country means to it's citizens, check out the You Capture challenge.
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  1. Hooray for chocolate ice cream! Great shot -- as are all the others!!

  2. Amber D Says:

    These are all good but the dock and the ice cream are my favorites!

  3. Bec Says:

    I just taught my husband how to remove a fish from the hook and he was grossed out by it more than I was :) Guess you gotta teach them young!

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