If you have ever tried to start a campfire, you know it isn't always as easy as you'd like it to be.  In our many adventures camping, we've tried all types of things (pine cones, newspaper, lighter fluid to name a few) to keep the kindling lit long enough to start the logs burning.  This time, I decided to try my hand at some homemade fire starters.

To make them, you'll need:
small paper cups or a cardboard egg carton
dryer lint  (if you don't have enough, you can use used napkins or paper towels)
wax - melt down old candles or use paraffin wax
small wick or piece of string

First step is to melt your wax.  You'll want to create a double broiler by using a sauce pan and a glass jar or container that you won't mind getting waxy.  In our situation, the recycling had just been picked up shortly before I decided to make these so I didn't have any glass containers.  I used a plastic juice container but had to hold it the entire time.  Not something I would recommend!

Put your wax in the glass container and add enough water to the pot so that it is slightly higher than the top of the wax.  Boil the water until the wax has melted.

Keeping in mind that a watched pot never boils, while you are melting your wax, get your other supplies ready.

Pack the lint down into the paper cup and put a piece of wick about 1/2 way into the cup.

 Pour the melted wax over the lint, covering the top layer of lint. I poured my wax with the cups on a paper bag so that if I spilled wax (I did!) I wouldn't have a giant mess to clean up.

Once the wax has cooled down (about 20 minutes), you're ready to use the fire starters or pack them up.

To use them, place the fire starter in the center of your logs and kindling and light.  Ours burned for about 7 minutes - plenty of time for the larger wood to catch on fire.
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