Just a quick post to help you out if you are looking for a fairly easy end of the year teacher gift.  This year we made goody bouquets.

To make a goody bouquet, you will need:
hot glue gun & glue sticks (quite a few!)
goodies (we used raisins, pretzels, gum, candy, sticky note pads, gift cards)
skewers (I grabbed the longest ones I could find and cut them to different lengths)
a container (we used canning jars that I picked up for $.49/2 at Goodwill)
curling ribbon/tulle
decorative stones or jelly beans

Fill your container with the decorative stones.  Hot glue your goodies to the various skewers, keeping in mind that the largest things should be on the tallest skewers so that they can be seen from the front.  Decorate the container and the skewers with curling ribbon or tulle.  Arrange your skewers in an attractive way so that each item can be at least partially seen from the front. 

These took about an hour to make from start to finish and were a big hit with the teachers! 
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