I'm a bit late this week due to the fact that I took my pictures with a friend's camera and she had some technical difficulties as she tried to send me the photos.  That said...

On Saturday we went to the PTA's Spring Event - Under the Big Top.  I totally forgot to bring my camera and since my friend Heidi was working at the event, she gave me her camera to take pictures.  She has a nice basic DSLR which is better than my point & shoot. 

Here are Boo and Bug with facepaint and some strange poses.

Here they are with the balloon manipulator. 
Bug asked for the "clownie-est" hat she could make and Boo wanted a braided mohawk hat.  
This is the end product.

We had a great time at the spring event.

For more on spring, visit You Capture challenge.  
Next week's challenge is also spring, but from a different perspective. 
Why don't you give it a try?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I do love a good balloon hat! Looks like a great time. =>

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