The You Capture challenge for the week over at I Should Be Folding Laundry was kisses.

We have lots of kisses at our house, usually at times when I do not have a camera available! It took quite a bit of effort to capture some of them on film (or on memory card, but that just sounds silly.)

First up, we have sister kisses. When I asked Bug to kiss Boo, I thought that Bug would protest since she doesn't like kisses very much. Nope! It was Boo. She said that Bug's lips were tickling her. I love the expressions on both of their faces!

My favorite kissing picture of the week is our dog Mozart giving Ebabe kisses in the morning. Ebabe loves to come into my room and frolic with Mozie while getting dressed. It's a good 30 minute process on a good day, full of kisses (from both parties) , tail wagging, giggles and barking. This photo was a tad blurry when I took it so I decided to use some blurring filters to make it more ethereal. I think Ebabe almost looks like a cherub angel or a sprite in this picture.

So that's it this week. We've been pretty busy with all the Olympic happenings at our house so this one is short and, hopefully, sweet! Be sure to head over to Beth's site to see more photos of kisses!

Oh, one last thing. My little Ebabe is a kisser. She's barely 3 and has kissed two boys already. One of my favorite kissing photos of her was taken by a friend of mine when we were playing at the park. She used it for one of her photography class projects. You can check it out here!
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  1. Cathy Says:

    I can practically hear the laughter in the last picture. Great shot!

  2. i love the puppy kisses! our dog is about 95 lbs, so when he kisses the boys they end up completely slimed! a little different then a smooch from a little white fluffball! :)

  3. Oh man, that last photo is so precious! What a great capture!! Fantastic memory.

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