As we are gearing up for the Olympics, Boo's class party at school also focused on the Winter Olympics. For their craft project, they made Olympic themed t-shirts.

To do this at home, you'll need:
Fabric Transfer Crayons (found at any craft store for about $4)
a T-shirt
a coloring page (Olympic themed pages can be found here)
an iron
and some cardboard or paper to go between the layers of the shirt

Preheat your iron!

Have your child color the coloring page with the fabric transfer crayons. The darker they color, the brighter the transfer. Any pre-printed lines on the page will need to be colored over with crayon if you want them to transfer to the shirt. If you want to add any writing, make sure that the writing is backward and mirrored. Also, if you color the Olympic rings, reverse the color order.

Place the cardboard or paper between the layers of the t-shirt. Dust off the loose crayon shavings from the page and place it color side down onto the shirt. Using your iron on the cotton setting (assuming you are using a cotton blend shirt), set it on part of the design for 3o seconds to 1 minute. Move iron to another section and repeat.

Once the entire design has been ironed, lift a corner of the paper and make sure that the colors are as dark as you'd like them.

That's it! Simple as can be!
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