Our church has a special ministry called Treasure Bears where you make a special teddy bear out of clothing from a deceased loved one. When my grandfather passed away in August, I knew right away to grab some of his clothing to make into bears. I gathered up two shirts (in hindsight, I should have grabbed a few more) and hoped to get signed up for the program as soon as I could. Well, by the time I tried to sign up, it was full so I emailed the person in charge and asked for the pattern to try to make one before Christmas. She graciously came to a craft night at the church and spent 2 hours helping me lay & cut out the pattern! Once that was done, I was able to follow the simple directions and with Chip's very careful pinning, this is the final product!

This bear is a gift for my dad, a memorial to my grandfather. I am hoping to put one of grandpa's Lion's Club pins on the pocket after he opens it. I am planning to take the class the next time it's offered so that I can create a bear for my family as well.
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