Since I had purchased so many Scrabble sets for the creation of this gift, I had plenty of tiles left over. The girls enjoyed making up games with the tiles for a bit. Then I used a few of them in the I-SPY bags. The girls also made name magnets for some relatives by gluing the tiles together with hot glue (always supervise your children closely when you use hot glue!) and putting adhesive magnet on the back. (update - Chip had to super glue the tiles together and put them on a card stock backing because the hot glue didn't hold)

I also tried my hand at making Scrabble tile necklaces. The first batch didn't turn out too well. Apparently the diamond glaze got shaken up a bit more than I thought on the ride home from the store and many, many bubbles seemed to rise up as the tiles dried. The second batch was significantly better! Paperwise, I used Japanese paper, scrapbooking paper and tissue paper for the decoration on the tiles. I used the paper from the packages the chains came in to create jewel cards. I think they look pretty good!

You can find directions in multiple places on the web. I simply lightly traced the tiles on the back side of the paper, trimmed the paper slightly larger than the tracing and used the diamond glaze to adhere the paper to the tile. After that dried, I trimmed the paper to the exact size of the tile then coated the whole thing with diamond glaze. I used a paint brush handle to spread the glaze around the tile. Once the glaze was dry, Chip epoxied the earring backs and necklace bails to the backs of the tiles. Add a chain and you're done!
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