So for Boo's main teacher, who is getting married this summer, we created a pencil vase and added some pretty flowers. The hope is that she will use the pencils next fall for her next class of 2nd graders. We're looking forward to doing this again with colored pencils, crayons and markers next year.

To make the vase, use a soup can (label-free), orange juice container or other plastic container and put two rubber bands around it. Simply slide the pencils under the rubber bands. Voila! Ready for flowers. Just be sure to carry it with one hand underneath the vase.
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  1. Mommasaurus Says:

    What a fantastic gift! Even if the idea wasn't an original, I'm very proud of you for choosing the ideas you do and carrying them out so easily!

  2. Kristi Says:

    Another wonderful idea. I need to file these away in my memory for future reference.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How cool! I am planning on doing this for the 2 elementary school teachers, but need an idea for the middle school teachers. Also, oldest is on the bus and hard to transport for him.

    I hope I remember this!

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