For our teachers this year, I decided to try my hand at this simple project I saw at Just A Girl. Personalized hand sanitizer bottles! I bought small bottles of hand sanitizer at Target (and some from Meijer since Target only had 4) and peeled off the labels. I used some GooGone to clean off the sticky areas, then washed the bottles with soap and water. Once they were dry, I used stickers and rub-ons (mostly Heidi Grace). I tried to match up the quote or decoration with the subject taught or with teacher personality. I finished off the decorating with ribbon on the top and a tag (or gift card).

I made a total of 8 of these for various teachers. I only have pictures of a few since Boo got confused, grabbed some of them off the counter and took them to school before I was completely done with them (aka they didn't have ribbons and tags). Here's what the few I got pictures of look like.

For our preschool music teacher (Boo's music teacher got one that was similar):
...and back
For Bug's teacher:

The last one pictured was for one of Boo's specials teachers.

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  1. Kristi Says:

    I love this idea. Practical gifts that are homemade are definitely the best!

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