It's always fun to look back at family photos. It's also fun to remember the joy of previous Halloweens. Every year I've tried to keep up a family theme. This year may be the first where we don't really have a theme. We're using an old costume, a present from my aunt and some renaissance garb. It'll be a modge-podge but still fun.

Anyway, for your enjoyment purposes, here are the ghosts of Halloween past!
2007 - Wizard of Oz
2006 - Insect Collection
The coolest part of this halloween was that Bug was a glowbug. Her daddy rigged an led light to flash every 5 seconds and I sewed it into her skirt. (That's one plus for making your own skirts!)

I was 8 months pregnant and made a quick bee costume with a fabric remnant and yellow grosgrain ribbon. You can kind of see it under my arm. The stripes went around the back.

2005 - PrincessesThe Butterfly Fairy Princess and the Disney Cinderella Princess. No costume for me that year. Store bought and hand-me-down costume from a friend.

2004 - Elephant, Peanut and Zoo Keeper

I used oatmeal cannisters, a grey sweatshirt, grey fabric paint, white foam sheets and grey stiff felt for the elephant costume. The peanut was simply a brown remnant sewn into a body suit and stuffed with cotton batting.

2003 - Fairy Tales - Tinkerbell and Shrek (ok, so it was cheesy but I was pregnant and didn't have energy to make a big green ogre costume!)

This was the first year we had a store bought costume. Actually it was a garage sale special. I did have to buy the wings at the retail store.

2002 - Little Ladybug and her little ladybug doll

This year I used a red fleece vest, baste stitched black felt over the front panels and added black spots to the back. (Apparently I don't have a photo of the back!)As little Boo was practically inseperable from her doll, I made a little lady bug costume for her too!

2001 - Lil' Tomato

This costume was a no-sew costume. We used hot glue to glue the felt to itself. The hat was simply brown & green felt (stem & leaves) pinned to a green winter hat.

So, that's my walk down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed travelling with me! If you are interested in other family themed costumes, check out this post at Tip Junkie!

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  1. Jenni Says:

    Jason thought the tomato one was E. I don't know that he believed me that it wasn't. I told him all the D. girls look alike!

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