Today was the first of our Olympic Days, where we study a bit about a country each day. We'd done during the last Olympics 2 years ago but Boo is older now so it's more challenging for me to find ways to teach her. It's fun to use the Olympics as a basis for teaching. We've already discussed many of the events and the basic history of the Olympics. Bug listened to the audio book of Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics. In the past few weeks, Boo read the Magic Treehouse Guidebook, Olympics of Ancient Greece;Swimming, Diving & Other Water Sports; Sprints, Hurtles & Other Track Events; Rowing, Sailing & Other Sports on the Water; Gymnastic Events;Cycling, Shooting & Show Jumping; and parts of Swifter, Higher, Stronger: A Photographic History of the Summer Olympics. Now that the games have started, we rooting for the US but also for the countries we are studying.

Canada was our focus today. Each girl colored the Canadian flag and did a word search about Canada. We discussed the differences in American English and Canadian English. Our art project for the day was to use toy cars to paint and then trace and cut out a maple leaf. We didn't get it finished as the paint took way too long to dry. We'll have to finish and post pictures tomorrow. Edited to add the final product.

Our focus today was to learn a little more about reading music. I printed out the sheet music for O Canada and played an .mp3 of it. I then played it on the piano. We learned about the "G" or Treble Clef, the acronyms for the spaces and lines (FACE and Every Good Ballerina Does Fabulous), the difference between a sharp and a flat, and the values of the types of notes. Boo wrote the names of the notes above the notes and was able to play a little bit. She didn't get the rhythm correct but she got most of the notes.

We finished off the day with a Canadian meal - Beer Battered Fish & Chips. With Canadian relatives, we used this recipe fairly frequently when I was growing up. My family now does not really care for fish so I hadn't made this in a while.

To make this you need:
1 box of Drake Crisp Fry Mix (you need 1 cup - 1/2 a box)
1 bottle or can of beer (you need 3/4 cups)
1 lb of whitefish or cod
lemon juice
5 medium potatoes
Cooking Oil & Wok or deep fryer

Cut the fish into small to medium pieces. In a large bowl, immerse the pieces in a mixture of water and 1/2 to 1 cup lemon juice. Let soak in fridge for 20 minutes. Pat pieces dry with paper towel. Mix Drake mix and beer with a whisk until consistency is like a thin pancake mix. Put fish pieces into the batter mix then slide into the heated oil in the wok. Let cook about 5 minutes or until batter is a golden color. Remove from oil and set on a plate covered in paper towel (to catch the oil).

While the fish is cooking, cut the potatoes into small strips. Once the fish is done cooking, put the potatoes into the oil. They are finished when they turn a light gold color. It takes about 8-10 minutes. If you are using a deep fryer, check your manual for the correct cooking times.

Enjoy both with a healthy dose of malt vinegar, eh!

Kids verdict: Well, Bug was ill this evening so she didn't eat dinner at all. Ebabe was pretty tired and ate mostly the chips. Boo, who protested having to eat fish, had seconds! She loved it - just not with the vinegar on it. She's a ketchup girl through and through. Props to Chip for cooking it all for me!

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