Since the Olympics are being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea this year, our focus for the second night of Olympic cooking was Korea.  A friend of mine gave me some suggestions and referred me to two websites to find recipes.  I opted to go with one of her suggestions, Bibimbap.  We are fortunate enough to live near an H-Mart which is where we were able to find a few of the ingredients:  the gosari and the Korean cucumber (K-Cuke).

I have to say that if I was regularly cooking Bibimbap, I would need a much larger kitchen, several more bowls, and a few sous chefs!  I had all of my family helping chop, mix, and saute.  

It was good family time!  We made a few amendments to the recipe, shredding the carrots in the food processor instead of cutting them in matchsticks; and since we were all scrolling through the recipe on my ipad, I missed adding the egg during the final step.  Oh well.  We had plenty of protein.  

Overall, we all enjoyed the meal.  Four of the five of us had sirloin, while one opted for the tofu protein option instead.  Three of us put the Bibimbap sauce on the top of our food, while the younger two dipped pieces in a separate bowl of sauce.  We went with slightly less gochujang (red chili pepper paste) than the recipe called for and it was spicy enough for me! The only part that most of us didn't fully enjoy was the gosari, which had a unique texture.  It wasn't bad, just different.  

If you chose to make Bibimbop, I would highly recommend that you click through the link to the Korean Bapsang blog for detailed directions and photos of each step.  The photos and tips were very helpful!  This recipe made plenty for our family of 5.
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