The Doctor Who Experience is a fun, interactive museum that gives fans the opportunity to participate in an adventure with the Doctor and stroll through the series sets, costumes, and props.  With several Whovians in the family, we made a stop in Cardiff, Wales, largely to visit the Doctor Who Experience.

 We arrived a few minutes early and spotted a Tardis on the waterfront. The dock was closed so we couldn't go down and get closer, but excitement was rising!

 Once the doors opened, we had about 30 minutes to explore the lobby.

Daleks - the red one is made of lego blocks

Quick pose with the Tardis

Don't Blink! - Weeping Angel
Smiler from "The Beast Below"
 We used the time to take pictures, make some pressed coins, check out the menu at the Blue Box Cafe, and geek out a bit at all the cool stuff.

When our timed entry came up, we were escorted to an area to wait for our tour guide through the Time Lord Museum.

Hypercubes - "The Doctor's Wife"

We met our Time Lord Museum curator and were asked not to take photographs through the museum.  This was the interactive part where we were given a time crystal and had to help the Doctor save time from some spidery-looking things.  In order to help, we had to go to various places/times and collect power crystals.  We were in the heart of the Tardis (I soooo wanted to take pictures of this!!), on Skaro, in the garden with Weeping Angels, and in the junkyard.  Our guide spoke with the 12th Doctor as he guided us through our mission to get the crystals.  The whole thing was a little too much for Ebabe, and Chip had to escort her out during the last few minutes. It was intense, but cool.  The person behind us in the waiting line mentioned that they change the storyline every so often to keep it fresh for those who return to visit again.

Once the interactive portion was over, we were led to an exhibition gallery where we could explore at our own pace.  Below are a lot of pictures from our visit.  There is so much more to see, but we'll save something for those of you who are hoping to visit!

Original Tardis control
Photos of original series production and notes
Tardis Paint and scripts
K-9 from 4th Doctor and Tardis
Fifth Doctor's Tardis Console - Season 21, Original Series
10th Doctor's Tardis
Face of Boe
The Mummy - "Mummy on the Orient Express"
From Season 9, "The Girl That Died"
From "Day of the Doctor"
Memorial to Clara, "Face the Raven"
Osgood Box, Zygon Invasion/Zygon Inversion
And there were a plethora of original costumes...

1st Doctor
2nd Doctor
3rd Doctor
4th Doctor
5th Doctor
6th Doctor
7th Doctor
8th Doctor
War Doctor
9th Doctor
10th Doctor
11th Doctor
12th Doctor
Martha, Captain Jack, and Rose Costumes
Donna Noble Costume
River's Costumes from "The Husbands of River Song"
Rory and Amy Pond Costumes
Oswin and Clara's Costumes

Time Lord Confession Dial


All said, we had a blast visiting.  It was fun to step into our favorite scenes and surround ourselves with show memorabilia.
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