January 31st

Universal Islands of Adventure, Hogsmeade.

February 1st

Sunset on a warm, rainy day looking over the lake at Islands of Adventure.

February 2nd

Cold and snowy at home.  Flying into Chicago (you can see the city in the background).

February 3rd

Coldest winter in 30 years.  I don't think we need more snow!

February 4th

Walking home from school.  Someone forgot to bring her snow boots! 
That certainly makes walking through the unplowed sidewalk snow a little more interesting.

February 5th

Close up of the snow in our yard.  The flakes are so large you can see some of the amazing details

February 6th

Another snowy walk home.  She's knee deep in snow on the school lawn.

February 7th

One nice thing about gigantic snow piles is that it make climbing up into the tree easier!
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