Photo Challenge, Week 2.  I'm finding that it's not so much a challenge to take a picture each day as it is to try to take one that captures the feel of the day.  I guess that gives me something to work on!

January 9th
Fun in the snow!  She lost her boot in a pile that was taller than she is.

January 10th
Glee Karaoke time with daddy.

January 11th
The job that never ends...

January 12th
Daisy Meeting - learning about our last petal.

January 13th
The Harry Potter tablet case I made out of felt.  It looks more like Dilbert than I anticipated, but the girls are thrilled with it.  I was inspired by this post by Practically Functional.  I decided to stitch my felt rather than use glue because it needed to hold up being carried back and forth in my daughter's backpack. 

January 14th
The beginnings of the Scrabble rag quilt I am making for my grandmother's 91st birthday in April.

 January 15th
Busy day at the bird feeder!

January 16th
I spent the majority of the day hanging out with my friend in the surgical waiting room while her husband had spinal surgery.


January 17th
This just seemed like an interesting juxtaposition.  Leaves and snow...

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