About this time last year, I agreed to be the helper for my middle daughter's Girl Scout Troop.  The leader is a good friend of mine and, in August, her husband was diagnosed with Cancer.  Needless to say, when she asked me if I'd take on the leadership of the troop for a while, there was no doubt I would.  This year has been a great experience for me.

One thing I needed to come up with was a caper chart for our troop.  We'd gained some new girls and had bridged to Brownies since I'd made the last one.  I wanted something easy, that the girls would enjoy.

I had each girl create a doppelganger for herself using markers, googly-eyes, yarn, and wooden ice cream spoons.  They had a blast trying to compare hair colors, skin tones, and clothing design.  Once they were done with their icon, we hot glued the eyes and hair to the spoon and a magnet to the back.  I offered to glue the hair down so it wouldn't fly off to the sides, but most of them enjoyed the Muppet-like quality of crazy hair.

I took an old cookie sheet that we had, roughed it up with sand paper and spray painted it Girl Scout green.  I then printed the job titles that work for our group and ran them through my Xyron machine with magnetic backing.

Now I can change the jobs if need be and I can easily move the girls' magnets to whichever job they are responsible for at our meeting.  And, it's easy to carry and store!

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