Autumn... is there anything better?  The smells and textures; the crispness and the break from the heat; the crunching under your feet; the COLORS!  It's college football season, pumpkin cookie time, raking & jumping in leaves time, time to be creative in costuming, time to make applesauce & chili (although not necessarily at the same time).  Really nothing can beat this time of year.

After the wind that has been ravaging us for the last few days, this tree is bare and beautiful.

I did manage to find a few leaves left on the trees that were sheltered from the wind.

There were many leaves on the ground too.

Our fall harvest from our garden.

Pumpkin textures - so much character in each wrinkle and valley.

If I could capture the smells and pipe them through the internet to you, I totally would.  But in lieu of that, check out other autumnal images over at I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture Challenge.
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  1. I love the textures of the pumpkins! So neat!

  2. Brooke Says:

    We have only a couple leaves around these parts too. Wow has it been WINDY. Great shots. I love that pumpkin guy.

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