For her birthday, Bug got a Klutz sun painting book.  I put it aside at the time, knowing that it would be great fun to pull out this summer.  This week, after realizing that summer (as far as the kids are concerned) is only two more weeks, I grabbed the book and we set out to make some sun prints.

First we had to wet the lightweight cotton items we were going to use.  Bug used one of the bandanas that came with the kit while Boo used one of Chip's old t-shirts.  Then we used the fabric paint to paint an area to do the sun print. 

Once the paint was applied, the kids layed out various objects of interesting shapes on the painted area.  Then we let the material dry in the sun. 

It was a hot, sunny day so it took about an hour max for them to dry.  Here's the end result.

I was a bit disappointed with how the cut-outs that were included in the book turned out.  They didn't lay well on the bandana and therefore didn't print well.

Suprisingly, since it was a thicker cotton than was suggested, Boo's shirt turned out rather well.

They were pleased with their artwork and that's what counts, right?!  Today we are experimenting with using the sun to "print" on regular construction paper.  I'll let you know if it worked out.
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