Well, it's not been a very fun week around here.  We've been gearing up for Chip's venture to Haiti, visioning & setting up for Kid's Club (Vacation Bible School) at church, and dealing with the crazy things that keep popping up in our schedule.  I don't have any spectacular shots (not that I do regularly anyway!), no action kid shots, nothing very entertaining but here is the "fun" work behind the fun.

The girls made necklaces for some of the Haitian orphans that Chip will be visiting next week as he helps with the rebuilding process in Haiti.  The word "zanmi" means "friend" in Haitian Creole.  The girls designed and put together 31 of these necklaces so that the girls there will know that people here are praying for them and care for them.  The coolest thing is that we think that Chip will get to hand them out to the girls himself.

This is my friend Elizabeth.  She had a blast going incredibly high up on the lift to hang our "tent."  This would be absolutely no fun for me so I was really glad that she was on my decorating team!

Here's a preview picture of the "Big Top" for Kid's Club.  This is usually our Contemporary Worship Center (and rec room) so if you can ignore the theater lighting and the basketball hoops and envision this room filled with clowns, balloon artists, face painters and excited children playing carnival games, you'll be able to picture my week next week! 

For more "fun" photos, check out the You Capture Challenge.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    Oh my gosh! The kids club does look like it is fantastically fun! And how brave is Elizabeth! I love people that make the world more special for children : ) You are my favorite!

  2. Brooke Says:

    WOW - that sounds like so much fun! Seriously :D I am sure it is going to be a BLAST!

  3. Wow that is high!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the idea of the necklaces. It's simple but touching. I'm sure the girls who will receive them will be as excited as the ones who made them. :)

  5. Jessi Says:

    That is such a sweet, thoughtful idea. How awesome that your girls made those!!

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