Every year for teacher appreciation week, our PTA sends home a letter telling us suggesting what gifts to bring in each day for the teachers.  While I understand the sentiment of wanting to give them gifts every day, it doesn't seem very practical for the teachers to have 30 flowers on Monday, 30 pieces of fruit on Tuesday, etc.  That said, I try to follow the intent of the PTA and send small tokens of appreciation each day.  I just try to think a little more outside of the box.

So today was flower day.  I had this grand idea of making a little seed packet bouquet but time got away from me and last night when I glanced at the letter again, it didn't say Fruit day like I had remembered it would.  Oops.  So, sans seed packets, the girls and I made some tissue paper flowers.

Thankfully, we had several colors of tissue paper on hand and many green pipe cleaners.  I think they turned out okay for the most part.  At least they will last longer than a real flower bouquet!

Tomorrow is fruit day and while I'm not going with the cliched apple for the teacher, they are getting a small bunch of grapes with a note that says, "Thanks a bunch for being my teacher!"

For more teacher appreciation ideas, check out these posts (flowers, sanitizer, scrabble tiles) from the past.

What do you do for teacher appreciation?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What did I do?? Read your post and realized it was Teacher Appreciation Week. Oops! =>

  2. Wow! What a cute idea!!


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